AUTOLift 3000

Mobile mechanical vehicle lifter with the ability to rock a vehicle about it’s center of gravity.

The unique design allows for a vehicle to be lifted about it’s center of gravity under the vehicle’s support beams. The lifter is powered by a simple hand drill. Two gearboxes with advanced design, featuring innovative trapezoidal screws inside the frame ensure quick lifting and lowering. The lifter can be used with 99% of vehicles, including cars, off road vehicles, pickups, vans, or mini-buses.

The lifter is perfect for mechanical work, bodywork, painting, tire service, and car exhibitions. Thanks to the unique lift pivot point, the vehicle can easily be rotated on it’s axis to expose the front or rear of the vehicle for easy access.

Technical data:

  • lifting capacity 3000 kg
  • dimensions 1635 x 1300 x 120 mm
  • weight 43 kg
  • lift 60 cm
  • lifting speed 25 sec.

Accessories to AUTOLift 3000

  1. a mechanical handle to operate without power supply (including a joint)
  2. a manual electric drill 1200W 230V
  3. a head to a drill for using the jack (4-sides) – set of 2 pcs
  4. beams pads – set of 2 pcs
  5. rails for uneven floor

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AUTOLift 3000 in car repair shop

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